Sunday, November 7, 2010

John Deer

Since it was Sunday today I figured I'd let the girls look through the Bento Diary that I've made to pick out what they would like for their lunch tomorrow.
Each night I sit down and look through lots of ideas in books or online , or heck I do come up with a few of my own and I draw them into my composition book that way I have them for something to look back on while I am creating the girls' lunches , and for future reference of course.

If your wondering what a Bento diary may look like here is a picture to give you an idea. No, its not my drawings. Mine more more well elementary looking than this since I use crayons. This person took the time to really draw it well.

As you can see, there is a before and after picture. Your Bento may not look exactly like the picture you draw. But it does give you an idea of what you want to put in your lunch box.

Of course I could scan the one I drew but I'll save you the details in that I was pretty much able to put what I wanted into their lunches. I always have to remember that I have to downscale their lunches because they don't eat as much as the grown ups do.

I think this creation would make Father Tom proud as he's a connoisseur of John Deer tractors. I will admit for me being an amateur of Bento this one turned out pretty cute.

This lunchbox consisted of creamed tuna. Actually its not as bad as it sounds. Its bascially, sauteed onion, tunafish, cream of mushroom, peas and crushed up potato chips. Mix and cook it all together and its honestly really good.
I added that to the bottom and sprinkled some sprouts on the bottom. Then added some cheddar cheese and carrot leaves. With a piece of cooked broccoli on the side.
On top is the John Deer tractor. Sushi rice as this is the best rice to use to form molds and it sticks together nicely once you take away the cookie cutter. Bascially it keeps its shape. This was colored with some broccoli water and a few drops of blue and yellow food coloring and voila! Green rice.
Nori was used for the black of the wheels and cheddar cheese for the inside of the wheel. Along with a piece of pepper cheese for the stripe. I finished this off with an egg yolk as the sun. I had to slide that one in there as I didn't have much room to work in.
This of course will be followed with some fruit and a small snack for snack time at school.

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