Friday, November 5, 2010

Simpler things in life

I bet after reading my last blog you thought to yourself, " I don't have the time to do something so intricate everyday for my kid's lunch." Well you don't have to make your Bentos that intricate , though it would be pretty fun. Remember you are in control of what you make and how you make it. You control how much time you spend in the kitchen.
Here is a great article by Parenting on how to make some quick and simple American Bentos

If your like me our Bentos have to be centered around the fact that we don't have a microwave at school to warm them up. Which is a big bummer because I could get even more creative than I can. BUT, that's okay. It just makes me work a bit harder on creating 'cold' Bentos for the girls' lunches that's all.

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