Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pumpkin Face

Today was a little bit of a more low key day today as far as Bento making. Even though its not as cute as the last one its a bit more practical since one out of the four enjoyed the last one. Sigh.
I'm finding that getting my girls to eat better is quite a challenge as kids would rather suck down sugar and junk then anything healthy.
My girls also are the total opposite of me. I was not a picky eater for the most part growing up as a child. If it was on our plate we had to eat it. If it was made, well that's what your getting for lunch or dinner. I wasn't crazy about carrots and potatoes, or pork chops. Other then that everything else was fair game and I ate it. I never remember telling my mom I didn't like that. Even if it was something on our plate that we didn't like, we still ate it without as much as a word. We were a big family with not much money so whatever food we had in the house was it.

Anyways I'm sure you really didn't want to know that but its true.
So with further adue today's lunch:

This is Marilyn's Bento but all of their lunches are pretty much the same except what is inside the sandwhich.
I used a pumpkin cookie cutter and either their sandwhiches contained turkey or ham with lettuce. The Face was made with Sesame seeds and Nori for the eyes and mouth. I wrapped them in plastic wrap to keep it from moving off of the bread. Their veggie is celery and carrots with a chocolate peanut butter dip (except for Maggie's lunch, her lunch contained ranch dip.) Along with Stoneybrook Strawberry Banana yougurt topped with flaxseed and a strawberry. Their snack was either an oatmeal pumpkin cookie (which only Marilyn has this as the cookies were super soft and broke apart easy and her cookie was the only one that didn't) , or a Paul Newman's tiny cookies. So there you have it folks. Tomorrow is my day off from making lunches as the 8th grade class is serving meatball subs to the kids at school. Phew. Even I need a break now and then. LOL

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